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European Claims Centre has helped thousands of timeshare owners throughout  the UK to release themselves from unwanted timeshare contracts all over the world and to claim back money where possible.

Our expert team of  claim consultants operate from our  network of offices located in the UK and Europe.

At European Claims Centre,  we aim to help unhappy timeshare owners who wish to end their timeshare contracts with the associated long-term financial commitment and in certain cases, recover monies owed.

Timeshare owners generally have many issues in common such as:

  • Unreasonably high annual maintenance or management fees with year-on-year increases
  • Lack of availability and unfair allocation of timeshare exchanges
  • Changes to personal circumstances, such as health, retirement, family or finances
  • Unfair treatment by resort owners and/or disillusionment with timeshare
  • In perpetuity contracts which can burden families  with unwanted long-term financial commitments
  • No value in the re-selling of timeshares  but instead an ongoing financial burden

If you can relate to any of the above, then please contact European Claims Centre now and find out what options are available to you. One of our expert advisors will contact you to hear your concerns and advise you about your  timeshare release options.

To instruct you accordingly, the advisor will need to know the following:

  • The timeshare group/resort/scheme of which you are an owner/member
  • When you purchased the timeshare
  • The current annual fees and if these payments are up to date
  • The term of the timeshare contract and how much longer there is remaining
  • Your personal and financial circumstances
  • Your reason(s) for wishing to release yourself from the timeshare

European Claims Centre also provide advice and assistance on how to claim back some or all of your money where possible. Due to the wave of successful individual and group legal cases against the timeshare groups/resorts and the finance companies (such as Shawbrook, Barclays & Hitachi)  a wide-ranging set of  legal precedents on mis-sold timeshare products, offers greater hope and opportunity to all timeshare owners.

Depending on your circumstances,  we may then arrange an appointment with a consultant  at a  European Claims Centre office that is convenient for you. 

To initially begin the process, please complete our online enquiry now.